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How to move a piano
Don't do that !!
Grand piano Kawai
Grand piano Kawai.
Removing the lyre
Removing the lyre.
Tying the Grand Piano
Tying the lid.
Elevation of the piano leg.
Removing the piano leg.
fixing the slipper
Fixing the slipper.
screwing the slipper
Screwing the slipper.
paraffin wax
paraffin wax on the slipper.
Failover on the slipper.
Disassembly two other piano legs.
ready to be moved
The grand piano is ready to be moved.
Failover upon a heavy duty dollie.
ready to roll
Ready to roll.
Rolling the dollie with straps fixed on the slipper.
to the removal van
To the removal van.
To the removal van, slipping a wooden rod under the slipper.
Slipping the grand piano on the removal van.
Fixing the grand piano withs straps and wooden blocks.
Ready to ride.

moving a grand piano    
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