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For some people, the piano is considered as the most romantic of all the instruments (existing), because it permits to convey a whole range of thoughts, feelings and atmospheres.
The manufacture of pianos requires expertise and experience. It does not only consist in putting together the numerous parts which make up a piano. The piano manufacturer has to select the best materials (each wood species necessitating its own treatment, for example), be a good crafstman, technician, musician and artist. The complex treble clefmechanics of a piano, even perfectly mastered, would be nothing without the sharp hearing and the special care given by the artisan to any detail.
Besides, the piano manufacturer combines tradition with modernity, using ancestral knowledge and practices, as well as new technology, allowing a higher precision, therefore pianos of a higher quality. A complex task with a simple aim : produce a harmonious sound.


European Piano makers, emblems, logos and websites
Viena Piano
Bentley Pianos
Bentley Pianos
154 Clapham Park Road London SW4 7DE England Phone: 0171 9782444
John Broadwood & Sons
John Broadwood & Sons
Finchcocks Goudhurst Kent England. TN17 1HH Phone: 01580212713
John Broadwood & Sons on Wikipedia
Belarus pianos
Belarus Pianos
36, 30-letia VLKSM str., Borisov 222120, Republic of Belarus Tel: +375-1777-30735
Perzina upright
Model GP-129BBZ 51"Professional upright studio Perzina
Roenisch 175K
175 K Cherry /Yew inlays, high gloss Roenisch
Young Chang PG157D
Model PG157D, style Designer Conservatory 5'2", finish Queen Anne Mahogany Satin. Young Chang
Baldin M1
The Baldin M1 Artist Grand Piano
Measuring exactly 5'2"

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