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One of the most expensive and valuable musical instruments, the piano, is also awkwardly-shaped and weighs around 1000 pounds. Having one at home and preparing for a house move, means that you need to plan its move as well.
U7 YamahaA piano is a fragile instrument, even though it may not seem this way. A slight bum on the road, a single drop, and it gets damaged. Its intricate design is what makes the piano extremely expensive.
In order to lift a piano, you need plenty of manpower and special equipment. Because of all this, the best decision you can make is to look for professional piano moving service and save energy, time and money. Of course you’d have to pay them, but this investment is nothing compared to the investment you’d have to make if the piano gets damaged.
It’s essential to hire a reputable service, which will not only provide insurance for the job, but guarantee impeccable service. Moving a heavy object is always tricky especially shifting it from its place in the house, through the hallway and doorway. Before you hire the piano movers, here are the basic questions you need to ask them to ensure they are the right people for the job.

arrow planning removal 1/ When it comes to licensing various moving services, the first thing to do is find out what the law in your area is. If the company needs to be licensed in order to work, then browse a list of licensed local piano movers. Moreover, these services will also have to be insured, so you wouldn’t need to worry about this part.

arrow planning removal 2/ Ask how much the cargo insurance will cover in case of an accident. If your piano is an antique, then it’s reasonable to purchase an extra insurance from an agency. Also, the workmen should also have insurance, as someone can easily get hurt during a piano move.

arrow planning removal 3/ Find out how the company charges and what do they charge for exactly. It’s important to have a written agreement that states these fees, as well as the insurance and how many people will be moving the piano. When you start comparing quotes from a few companies, don’t base your final decision only on the price. Some piano movers will charge you less, but their experience might be insufficient.

arrow planning removal 4/ Ask for reference and testimonials from previous clients. Find out how long the company has been in the business and what training their employees have. Remember that you can never be too careful when it comes to such a delicate and expensive piece which requires special handle and care.

arrow planning removal 5/ Ask about the equipment that will be used and how you should prepare, i.e. empty the room the piano is in, clear the hallway, etc. These details are important if you don’t want to be charged extra

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