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Piano removals directory in the UK. Piano removal specialists in United Kindom : London, Manchester, Liverpool, Wales, Scotland, Ireland. Moving pianos in UK and piano makers
« Piano movers » website intends to make a list of the most reliable piano removal companies in the United moving piano Kingdom. It classifies them either by city or region, making the companies easier to find.
The removal of pianos is a very specific task which differs from the removal of any other types of furniture. Indeed, the piano removal man is an artisan who uses particular techniques which permit him to move heavy, fragile and often very expensive objects safely (a grand piano can be worth up to £100,000!).
The piano removal man's equipment includes: protective coverings, straps, heavy duty dollies, slippers and some paraffin wax to allow the slippers to slide, blankets, piano quilted covers, lifting machines, a removal van, a few hands and not forgetting - expertise!
piano moversIt is important to be aware of the best way to move a piano is to be aware of how to overcome the many obstacles of moving pianos. Examples of dealing with these obstacles include measuring the passages and corridors so that a piano can be moved through, avoiding taking very narrow stairs and having to use other methods of removal such as passing the piano through a window via a hoist or a crane. Some engines such as the Pianoplan and the Klavier-Roller also assist the removal/delivery of a piano upstairs or downstairs but use of these kind of machines are not always recommended because they often scratch the steps.

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